Does A Dog Or Cat Need To Take Supplements?

Pet owners take their responsibility for their pets’ health and wellness very seriously. As nutritional supplements are becoming more popular and trusted for human needs, many pet owners are wondering if supplements are also beneficial for their pets. Every animal is a unique individual and should be assessed by a veterinarian. But many veterinarians are recommending pet supplements, especially in certain cases.

Increased Nutritional Needs

Supplements can be very beneficial when a pet is not getting all the nutrients it needs from food. A pet may have difficulty eating for medical reasons or may simply be a very finicky eater. A pet who has been neglected may also need extra nutritional support after being rescued. In this case, a vitamin supplement can provide key nutrients the animal may be missing and support their immune system to improve their overall health.

An Energy Boost For Older Pets

Veterinarians often recommend certain …